Intergalactic Taxi Co.v0.20 MOD APK

Name Intergalactic Taxi Co.
Category Puzzle
Size 77MB
Popularity 6948
Publish Date 2022-08-26 23:52:19
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Intergalactic Taxi Co.

Intergalactic Taxi Co. Game Introduction :

A chill puzzle game, IN SPACE!

In the distant future, the citizens of the galaxy yearn for excitement, for adventure, for exploration… for public transportation! And you're just the enterprising humanoid to give it to them! Travel across a colorful, stylized galaxy in your state of the art space taxi as you pick up and drop off passengers – just be sure to keep an eye on your fuel, and watch out for aliens!

Inspired by Mini Metro and chill puzzle games like Islanders, Intergalactic Taxi Co. is a casual, turn-based puzzle game with levels lasting just a few minutes each. The core gameplay is easy to understand, but later levels will still prove challenging even for die-hard puzzle fans. However, hints are always available for players that need them. So buckle your seatbelt and hit the road! (Metaphorically; there are no roads in space).

– 100 levels of brain-tickling puzzles.
– Bite-sized gameplay. Levels take ~1-5 minutes each.
– Challenging, but accessible. Later puzzles can get tricky, but you can always get a hint.
– Varied mechanics. New obstacles and power-ups will make you change the way you approach each level.
– Cute lil' aliens!

Intergalactic Taxi Co. (77MB)

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