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Name Quest Hunter(mod)
Category Role Playing
Size 532.6MB
Popularity 3609
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 17/02/2022
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Mod Info:

Quest Hunter(mod) 1.Unlimited Skill points
2.You can experience the game content free of charge.

Quest Hunter(mod) Game Introduction :

Quest Hunter is an isometric action role-playing game, your choice will drive the progress of the game. Find treasures, solve puzzles, arm characters, upgrade and defeat bosses. You can play on the sofa by yourself or with friends, or you can play online with up to four people at the same time.

Narrative role-playing: influence the main story through different dialogue answers. Unravel the enemy\’s sinister conspiracy and use holy water to disperse it. Save the world from the eternal darkness!

Cooperative mode: network with friends, or sit on the sofa with one device (up to four players) to pass the level. Fight side by side with evil or die together in the enemy\’s lair.

Derived Crypt: While enjoying the victory, try to find the exit of the cave. Where does it appear this time? Who is waiting for you at the entrance of the cave?

Riddles and puzzles: advance, detour, burn, close, dig… solve riddles through language. Search for treasure cards and become a rich man in the camp!

Upgrades and skills: Improve character levels and expand new skills. Become a fighter machine that cuts monsters into mud!

Weapons, armors, items: find, forge and upgrade weapons and armors. Make potions or bombs. Whether to wear a shovel and a straw hat or a dagger and a helmet, the decision is in your hands!

Monsters and BOSS: Gods and strange beasts from the dark-you can use torches to disperse them. Evil bandits-can buy them with money to survive. As for the cunning BOSS-you have to figure out your own way!

Treasures and trophies: Fill your pockets with the trophies of your defeated generals. Find all the secret rooms. Dig out all the treasures of the dark world.

The cross-platform game of the cooperative platform is applicable to all platforms!

Remember: you are safe only under the light of torches!

Quest Hunter(mod) Game screenshot :

Quest Hunter(mod)

Quest Hunter(mod)

Quest Hunter(mod)

Quest Hunter(mod)

Quest Hunter(mod)

Quest Hunter(mod)

Quest Hunter(mod)

Quest Hunter(mod) (532.6MB)

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