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Name My School Simulator
Category Simulation
Size 1.9GB
Popularity 3270
Publisher NetEase Games
Score 8.3
Publish Date 08/10/2021
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Mod Info:

My School Simulator My School Simulator is an online school life simulation game.

My School Simulator Game Introduction :

My School Simulator is an online school life simulation game. This fresh sandbox game is featuring multiple editors where almost everything can be customized! You can play as anyone, go anywhere, experience any kind of school life as you wish in this fictional Japanese style city campus.

Enter this school, be one of its students, connect to players worldwide, and shape your dream school life on your own!

★Customize your character

Create your unique character from scratch! There are tons of outfits and items for you to make a special look. On top of that, you can also customize your character’s gender, age, hairstyle, makeup, body shape, and more. Be innovative and create looks that blow your friends’ minds!

☆Build your dream home

Decorate your room in different styles to make your dream room alive! Playroom, chilling place, pet house… all these can be achieved with dozens of room components. Combine them in your way, place them wherever you like! Let’s don’t forget about the neighborhood of the house. You are free to decide that your house is near the school or the downtown. Your room, your style, your rule.

★Extensible editing modes

Not only your character is made by you, but the scenes are also built by you. Even more, the NPCs in the city can be shaped by you. Unleash your creativeness here, design your own simulation gameplay and share it with other players. Everything is possible in this city of freedom.

☆Play with your friends

In here, you can reach out to players around the world and play with them! My School Simulator features rich online gameplays. Hang out with your friends, explore new areas with them, show off your well-designed room and characters, flex cool outfits, shoot fun short films together, even build a relationship, and more.

Games are more fun with friends!

★Japanese style city campus

Enjoy a colorful school life in this 3D modeled Japanese-style campus. In school, there are various classes available for you. After school, you can go to clubs and reveal various secrets lying in the campus. You can roam the city as well. Have some fun there or be the guardian of the city to fight against bad guys.

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My School Simulator Game screenshot :

My School Simulator

My School Simulator

My School Simulator

My School Simulator

My School Simulator

My School Simulator (1.9GB)

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