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Name Final Gear
Category Shooting
Size 138.2MB
Popularity 6311
Publisher BILIBILI
Score 6.0
Publish Date 08/07/2021
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Final Gear

Final Gear Game Introduction :

In the world perished in the meteorite conflict, the surviving human beings have developed the \”ultimate gear\” of automatic armor weapons, and tried to use it to expand their own power.

A world rebuilt after destruction, a country in conflict

And the mercenary regiment \”black AK\” involved in the incident

Contradiction and opposition

Conflict and war

There are also hidden secrets.

Who will be the final winner of neclis?

Be the last pilot

Commander, please give the order to attack.

Charming appearance, meet with powerful pilot girls.

Experience the combination of Mecca and free parts

From head to toe,

Freely combine various parts of Mecca to complete their own \”final gear\”

Training, challenging unlimited boundaries

Role upgrading, Mecca combination and base construction

Through a variety of channels to cultivate, to achieve the strongest state

Storyline and gorgeous animation

Neckline world with eyes and ears,

The story from the perspective of \”black Aker\” involved in various events is unfolded with animation.

Infuse life into sound and final

Julius, Tomasz dayka, mizkina, iNO Marina

Fall into the neckline world of Japan\’s top dubbing actors

Increase combat, strategic and visual actions

The pleasure of unfolding at the fingertips

Use gorgeous effects and unique effects to repel enemies

Communicate with girls through base, construction and operation

Performance and maiden, cure everything

Build the base, get a variety of buffs, and communicate with girls.

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Smart phone application access rights Guide

Access is being requested to provide the following services while the application is in use.

[required] storage space: the permissions required to store game running files in external memory

*Guide to access permission withdrawal: Settings > app > permission item selection > permission list > access permission approval or withdrawal selection

[Android]   six   Incomplete version]

operating system   In terms of characteristics   near   jurisdiction   stars.   Withdrawal price   Because it\’s impossible,   application program   delete   Sometimes   near   jurisdiction   Withdrawal price   probably.

Android   edition   upgrade   The road of watching   I advise you.

developer   contacts  :

finalgear_ [email protected]

Final Gear Game screenshot :

Final Gear

Final Gear

Final Gear

Final Gear

Final Gear (138.2MB)

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