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Name Escape from Shadow
Category Action
Size 145.8MB
Popularity 3259
Publisher KODASK game
Score 6.0
Publish Date 07/02/2022
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Escape from Shadow

Escape from Shadow Game Introduction :

Escape from Shadow is a unique in its kind, tactically close to reality mobile online game. The action of the game unfolds in the near future, on Earth was found abandoned area is not part of any of the states of the world, yet rich in natural resources. Two huge superpowers immediately claimed it, finding themselves embroiled in a long-term military conflict for resources and influence. Despite the dangerous status of the territory and the feud between the two most powerful states, the mysterious piece of land immediately attracted people greedy for profits. The opportunity to get rich as attracted and some mercenaries belonging to one of the warring parties. Players have to take on the role of a fighter of one of the factions to eliminate opponents and get a valuable reward.

Fight for yourself, equip a mercenary to your liking, get rich and survive.


– Many different locations with different infrastructure and environments where you can find valuable resources as well as dangerous Bandits.

– Large variety of weapons, ammunition and equipment, from hunting to military.

– Equipping your fighter depending on your abilities and tasks.

– Customization of sights, magazines, muzzle devices, tactical grips for weapons.

– Multiplayer mode will give you emotion from the tactical actions of the players.

– Advanced character health system, in battle you can get bleeding, fractures and completely lose any of your limbs.

– A bunker is a place where your character can regenerate health, craft necessary items, collect different weapon options and build new modules.

– Merchants are the people who help you get back on your feet in this harsh world. Complete their tasks and you\’ll be rewarded. Buy items from them at a better price.

– Black Market – a huge in-game store where you can buy any in-game item, but it costs a lot of money.

Escape from Shadow Game screenshot :

Escape from Shadow

Escape from Shadow

Escape from Shadow

Escape from Shadow

Escape from Shadow

Escape from Shadow (145.8MB)

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